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How it all started

The history of Budhha's Helping Hand orphanage began, when the founder, Nima was returning to her home village of Manang in western Nepal. During the three day walk to her village, her relatives informed her of two children who were orphaned and did not have a home to live in. This were Pasang Bhuti in Kusum, who Nima took back to Kathmandu and enrolled them in a school. What at first began with two children, slowly grew to eight, untill the earthquake in April 2015 brought an additional four, making the total number of children fourteen. The earthquake however, caused damage to Nima's family home to that extent, that it could not be safe to live in. They spent a month living in tents, when they finally got a house to rent which she could afford. Nima wishes to help more kids who needed help in future.

Our orphanage building
Outside of the building
Bedroom for 6 children
View from our balcony

Our orphanage is currently located in the Swayambhu district of Kathmandu, Nepal. We are situated in a quiet neighbourhood near Tibetan and Nepalee schools. The building used to be a private home untill the 2015 earthquake, when the owner decided to be too risky to live in due to cracks on the walls and slanted floors. This allowed us to afford renting it and is now a temporary solution for us. Our orphanage has a dinning room, seating area, kitchen, playroom, bedroom and a small shrine. We only have one bedroom for 6 children, meaning that everybody else sleeps in the other rooms. Our plans for the future are to leave this unsafe house, as we would like to eventually build a building which is safe and provides us with enough space.

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